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May Demo Competition

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Blackwell Global will be holding a Demo Trading Competition from the 7th May to the 8th June. To compete in the competition, please complete the registration form. You will then receive your MT4 competition login details via an email a few days before it starts. 

Prizes / T&Cs


1st Prize: $500 USD
2nd Prize: $300 USD
3rd Prize: $200 USD

Terms and Conditions

1. The competition will run from May 7th until June 8th.
2. Registration for the Contest ends 14th May.
3. Registration for this Contest and/ or entry in the Contest constitutes your agreement to these Rules and you will not be eligible for the prize unless you agree to these Rules.

1st Prize: $500 USD
2nd Prize: $300 USD
3rd Prize: $200 USD

Participation Eligibility
7. Only persons of legal age (18 or higher) can take part in the Contest.
8. One person can only open one contest account. Limited Risk retail pricing will be used in the contest.
9. Participants who do not meet the criteria of Blackwell Global for opening a live account with the Company will not be eligible to the prize fund. There is no obligation to fund and no deposit is required to be eligible for the competition prizes.

General Rules
11. The Company reserves the right to reject or disqualify any participant who is breaching the terms set herein and in all cases when the Company has reasons to believe that the contestant is engaged in fraudulent or otherwise unfair trading methods / practices including but not limited to: Any kind of IP match between two or more participants shall be grounds for disqualification. Any kind of arbitrage trading or any other abuse with pricing and/or quotes will be subject to disqualification from the Contest.

12. Each contest account shall have the same trading conditions:
Starting Demo Balance: $1000
Leverage: 1:400
Minimum Trades to Qualify For Prize: 15
Account Currency: USD
Trading via Expert Advisers is allowed

13. On the contest finish date, all open orders shall be automatically closed at the current market rates.
14. The participants with the highest return on total deposits who also adhere to all other conditions set herein shall be announced as winners.
15. The prize is paid into the winner’s real / live account with Blackwell Global within 20 calendar days of the announcement of the winners and can be withdrawn without restrictions.
16. In case two or more contest winners have equal balances in the end of the contest, the respective prize will be shared among them equally.
17. The Company reserves the right to declare any prize already given invalid and subject to cancellation upon direct or indirect evidence of attempted fraudulent operations with the prize funds.
18. The competition is not addressed to residents from US, Japan, Belgium or France