Social Trading

Trade like a Pro

Follow Professional Traders

Access professional and experienced traders. BGI Socio provides Blackwell Global clients with an easy to access copy trading setup. Once your live account is approved you will be able to begin following / copy trading. 

Traders have access to a variety of reports about every aspect of their trading, investors, revenue and business – all in real-time.

Reports that are available:

  • Performance Reports
  • Charges
  • Revenues


Become a Fund Manager

Your trades are copied to your investors’ accounts based on the ratio of your trading account balance, and the size of the individual investor’s allocation. Professional Traders can charge investors per trade done and/or charge subscription fees.

Investors can close and edit trades copied from a Professional Trader.

Fund Managers have the options to charge Performance, Subscription, Maintenance and Trade Fees.Fund Managers have full control of trading rights (investors cannot edit or close trades copied). Investors sign online Power of Attorney.


How it Works

  1. Complete the form below
  2. Follow the steps in the confirmation email
  3. Trade