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Foreign Exchange

Would you like to trade in the world’s most liquid market? The Forex market offers more liquidity than any other global financial market. It operates twenty four hours a day five days per week, with a turnover of up to US$ 5 trillion daily. Foreign exchange is often referred to as the Forex or FX market and is the marketplace in which the exchange of currencies, between two counter-parties takes place, at a mutually agreed rate or price. There is no central marketplace or exchange floor, rather Forex is an Over-the-Counter or OTC market

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Precious Metals are rare, highly tradable commodities, with a high economic value. These metals are often seen as safe haven investments during times of economic or political uncertainty and turmoil. As such they provide an alternative to investing in other more traditional financial instruments. Gold and silver are two of the most recognised of these commodities and both have a high investment value, due to their relative rarity and multiple sources of demand.

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CFDs or contracts for differences are traded on margin between a trader their CFD provider, in an agreement to pay or receive the cash differential between the opening and closing prices of a transaction. CFDs allow retail investors to trade products that may not usually be accessible to retail investors,such as equity indices and futures. Trading CFDs is flexible you can trade long (if you think it is going up in value) or short (if you think it is going down in value) and there are no commission, trading fees, clearing fees or stamp duty to pay.

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Recently added to the suite of products, Crypto currency CFDs are volatile and exciting. You can trade across multiple asset classes from just one account. Clients can build their diversified investment portfolio in this account and can easily manage and monitor their exposure.

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